November 7, 2011

I’ve always been fascinated by the iris’s of people’s eyes.

One Response to “EYES”

  1. pat said

    Yeah they are interesting indeed.

    The study of iris’ (iridology) is pretty interesting too.

    In iridology, the iris is mapped out to represent different parts of the body. Certain streaks, patterns and spots can signify traits or pre-dispostions in ones health and genetic make-up.

    For instance, in the iris’ of a drug addict, you will most likely see liver spots which look like big black holes, almost like multiple pupils. Contrastingly those with quite healthy lifestyles and good constitutions display iris’ with very tight fibres with no liver spots.

    So all these crazy patterns, spots and streaks correlate to different types of lifestyles and genetic make-up. Would make an interesting series i reckon!

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